Western Conference Final Observations

dEDGE Post Scriptum

The Los Angeles Lakers embark on their quest for a 15th NBA championship in a Finals series showdown against the surprising Orlando Magic. But before we turn all attention towards this marquee match-up, let’s spend a few minutes reliving and relishing in our Western Conference Finals victory over the Denver Nuggets with these final observations. 

Copyrights may apply. All rights reserved.

Copyrights may apply. All rights reserved.

Tyrese, and his pro-Lakers alteration to the national anthem. Former Laker fan favorite, Coby Karl, aka, the Spy. Coach George Karl = Ghostbuster Bill Murray. East Coast represented in the house with Spike Lee sporting his NYC gear. Dick Van Dyke crooning the Star Spangled Banner. Courtside seats full of Laker fans: Tom Cruise. Denzel Washington. John Lithgow. Justin Timberlake. Charlie Sheen. Drew Barrymore. David Arquette. Leonardo DiCaprio. Penny Marshall. Anthony Kiedis. Flea. Will Ferrell. Junior Seau. Russell Martin. And Jack in proper purple attire. Courtside seats full of posers: Teri Hatcher. Ellen Pompeo. Norv Turner. Bill Russell. Pat O’Brien. Michael Eisner. Guy Ritchie. Ron Artest. 

Denver’s mascot, Rocky, needs a tranquilizer dart. Those damn KIA hamsters. Kobe passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the Lakers all-time playoff scoring list. The Lakers Band firing up the crowd with the theme from “Rocky.” LO leading the pregame shuffle. JR’s gangsta strut. Dahntay Jones’ flagrant trip on Kobe. Melo in the zone. Sasha building a house. Our own Birdman, ostrich lookalike, Pau Gasol. ESPN commentator, Mark Jackson uttering, “It’s Memorial Day, but the bank is open for Mr. Bryant.” Lamar’s grapefruit on his back. Candy anyone? Shannon Brown’s monster jam over Birdman. 

Laker flags in full force. Denver fans standing until their team scores a basket, then sitting down when they make a free throw. Tube tops must be back in fashion in Denver. That snake hat dude is everywhere! John Elway sure looks old. Does George Karl ever call a play during a timeout? The title of Mr. Big Shot still belongs to Robert Horry, not Chauncey Billups. Nene, screaming “No, no” after fouling out. Andrew Bynum setting the “payback” screen on Dahntay Jones. 

Game faces on the Lakers in Game 6. Chauncey yawning during Coach Karl’s pregame speech. Denver’s PA announcer or is it Detroit’s PA announcer? Phil Jackson bouncing out of his throne to argue a non-call. Trevor Ariza’s corkscrew jam. The inevitable Nuggets implosion and meltdown. “Mama, there goes that man.” Big Game James delivering the Western Conference Finals trophy. The Lakers trying to look interested during the trophy presentation. Cleveland, mucking up the showdown. Nike trying to run all of the Lebron/Kobe puppet spots in one night. Phil Jackson with a smirk on his face telling George Karl, “nice job.” And last but not least, the Laker Girls.


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